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With the enhancement of technology and reduction of the average consumers available time and resources, our SuperME Coaching team will help you create balance through our programs and challenges.

We are not another “cookie-cutting” health and wellness, nutrition or fitness business; our coaches are experienced, certified and/or degree’d. Our easy to use and full-time managed programs and plans focus on every aspect of getting healthier in mind and body.

Consider some of the benefits of working with us on a consultative basis:

✔️ We will be the link between you, providers you use (or will need to use) to reach various goals and your final results.

✔️ We will analyze the whole picture – eating, water, resistance and cardio training, rest, health, mental behaviors, job, family, and genetics, to list a few. We have the proper certifications and experience needed to help you.

✔️ We will assess your likes and dislikes, wants and needs, strengths and weaknesses, and can tell if you are in under-kill or over-kill mode.

✔️ We will create a customized blueprint or plan that’s easy for you to follow, balanced, and achievable. Your plan may be devised from scratch or it may incorporate existing providers or establishments you already have a relationship with such as personal trainers, class instructors, doctors, and even gyms.

✔️ We will NOT replace your existing relationships; we are here simply to “fill” the gap in areas where others lack experience, complimenting what you already have (if you have it). We have your best interest at heart, as do the other experts, and encourage you to thrive physically and emotionally which will help you personally and professionally, too.

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