Nutrition Advice to Ignore

A nutritionist once told me this and I completely disagreed. I bet they’re telling you the same thing. “You should eat or drink this _ (insert food) because it’s healthy for you” 🤦🏽‍♀️ NO, NO, NO Who cares if a food or drink is healthy; that’s not the reason why you should eat or drinkContinue reading “Nutrition Advice to Ignore”

Hear the SECRET to achieving the mind, body & health you desire and deserve.

In my 20 years of being in the wellness industry, I’ve witnessed many individuals fail at sustaining their fitness and nutrition results even AFTER investing hundreds and thousands of dollars to achieve them. You know why? Because they joined a program based on what they heard, saw or read others were doing without considering theirContinue reading “Hear the SECRET to achieving the mind, body & health you desire and deserve.”

Wk 7 – Make this a lifestyle….

There’s no doubt at all with hard effort, self-discipline, motivation and a smart program like the one you’ve been following for the last 7 weeks incredible changes to our bodies can be made. I’ve seen people lose 40 lbs and look like completely new and improved versions of themselves. All that said, real change isContinue reading “Wk 7 – Make this a lifestyle….”