Busting 5 Common Weight Loss Myths

There are many myths about fat loss out there that could derail you before you even begin. Recognizing what they are can go a long way toward helping you reach your own fat loss goals. Here are 5 myths about losing fat you need to ignore. 1. Diets Don’t Work Sure they do! Practically allContinue reading “Busting 5 Common Weight Loss Myths”

Wk 6 – Resistance train for best results.

Welcome to Week 6. I’m very happy you’ve made it this far. Can you see the new you starting to come through in the mirror? The best is yet to come. Week 6 brings us another fitness myth to brush aside and dispel. Many  people truly believe weight training is only for the bodybuilding styleContinue reading “Wk 6 – Resistance train for best results.”