Imagine if the SOLUTION to be Fit’n’Fab in mind, body and/or health permanently is 100% attainable? Would you want it?

Before I give you the solution, I want to provide you with some important history to help you understand why this is guaranteed to work.

Years ago, I created a 24-week jaw dropping results program referred to as Team 2xtreme Divas for novice bodybuilders, bikini and transformation competitors to get in better physical shape and showcase their results to spectators or celebrate their achievement with a photoshoot.

Dozens of women in groups underwent aggressive eating and exercise protocols, strictly following meal plans and workout regimen in order to reach their weight or fat loss goal.

These women were extremely dedicated and committed to doing all that was necessary to get RESULTS! In fact, to attain even better results, many of them enrolled in the program repeatedly and some were aspired to become personal trainers themselves.

I can’t lie, Team 2xtreme Divas was a huge success.

Take a look at some before/after pics for verification that the program worked.

Amazing results, right? These women absolutely put in the work to be Fit’n’Fab, which they deserved to be, but long-term, for some, they would find themselves back in that “before” place.

I’m talking about that place where there would be feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment and doubt.

That place where she’d ask herself, “how and why did I let myself get back to this place I despised?”

Can you relate to this? Most women, if honest, know exactly what this feels like!

I also can admit Heather and I were those women with those exact feelings. Both of us have tried tons of diets that didn’t work and /or competed in several Figure (bodybuilding) competitions in hopes of keeping off the weight and still, we were defeated, again.

We both were fed up with this journey of supposed self love and self care.

This journey of yo-yo dieting or emotional eating.

This journey of tirelessly working out to get results and realizing none of our endeavors were permanent.

What was the solution?

I had to do some “program soul searching” and this was not an easy task. This searching meant I had to be raw and candid with myself and delve deep to know why I failed personally even as an expert in this field; Heather had to do the same.

Approximately one year after intense research and taking classes in modern applied psychology, I decided to design the 30-Day Fit’n’Fab Kickstart Coaching Program.

It is this program that will provide a quick solution to your problems of self-doubt, food struggles, not being physically active and the need to eliminate some health problems in 30 days or less.

At the end of the 30-days, you will be Uber clear on what type of meal plan and workout is best for your mind, body, health and lifestyle AND you will be more focused and driven to maintain your results (hopefully by yourself).

If however, you complete your 30-day program and require additional help from us, you can continue in your journey by joining my full Fit’n’Fab Coaching Program or pay as you go coaching.

This program, depending on duration chosen, will get you results similar to the picture testimonies you saw above.

The Fit’n’Fab Coaching Program is centered around you being able to further Free your mind of unhealthy behaviors, continue eating to Fuel your body properly, and discover other physical activities that Fit into your lifestyle on your own terms.

The Fit’n’Fab Coaching Program better reflects the goals we are working towards achieving as coaches and women. It addresses how we want you to feel after you reach your final goal and transition from under our direction to living your life freely going forward.

You have the power to create the woman you want to be in body and mind and we have the resources to make it possible.

If you appreciated the before/after pictures from women in Team 2xtreme Divas, read some of the written testimonies received.

You absolutely can experience this in your life. All you need to do is take action and take back control of your outcome starting with giving me 30-days!!!

And, Heather and I are not the only advocates for being Fit’n’Fab; even well-known influencers understand and respect our concept and they too are striving to love themselves and be Free.

So, are you ready to:

1. Get rid of all your negative mental thoughts focused on how your body looks and instead have a clear goal and solid plan to make instant lifestyle changes, my Kickstart program is for you!

2. Stop fussing about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, why to eat and instead have up to four, not one, simple and easy to follow food plans requiring no tracking or calorie counting or expensive grocery bills, my Kickstart program is for you!

3. Quit worrying about a gym membership or squeezing in several hours daily or weekly to workout and instead have the option to complete 5-15 min workouts, when convenient, that are guaranteed to boost your metabolism, give you more energy and improve your sleep patterns, my Kickstart program is for you!

4. No longer stress about how you will keep your routine up for good and instead have a maintenance plan prepared to help you stay the course, my Kickstart program is for you!

Get started now:

STEP ONESchedule a confidential strategy session with one of our Advisors or me.

On this call, we will discuss your struggles and goals and devise your own personalized Body Development Success Plan empowering you to take action to achieve the mind, body or health you deserve.

A valid email address where you receive messages daily in addition to your mobile phone number will be needed for scheduling confirmations and access to your plan template.


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