Since 2001 advisors and firms have leveraged behavior insights to accelerate customized experiences. Dema Agency decided to jump on board and it’s been a life-changing journey.

Watch and learn how Financial DNA can help your business:

Spend 10-minutes completing a Financial DNA Discovery, just like an investor would.

You’ll receive an initial report and insights immediately to experience the power of Financial DNA. See if we can pinpoint your Market Mood, accurately predict your risk behaviors, and identify how (and when) an advisor would communicate with you.

Today, you’ll experience the first stage of what Financial DNA Natural Behavior has to offer. Once you upgrade to a full Financial DNA subscription, you can make the following customizations:

  • Co-brand the screens (and reports) for your business
  • Add the discovery to your website, and get alerts as you receive leads
  • Access online training and support, on-demand 24 x 7
  • Configure which screens and results to share with investors
  • Access additional reports

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Explore 8 areas where behavioral insights would be very useful within your organization or practice.

1. Advisor Client Meeting– Just like the adage, “birds of a feather flock together”, or people of the same traits will connect more easily, advisors are better suited working with clients who are similar to themselves. That’s why firms around the world leverage Financial DNA insights to power advisor client matching.

2. Advisor Client Communication– How do you prefer to connect with clients? On the phone? Email? Web meeting? In-person meetings? Just as you have a preference, so do your clients. The insights predict the best method for advisor client communications. For instance, a short phone call, a lengthy in-person meeting, or a quick email with bullet points.

3. Spending Patterns– Most advisors will agree that managing spending patterns, and not investments, is the key for most investors to achieve their financial goals. Traditionally, advisors have created financial plans without true insights into a client’s spending patterns, this changes with behavioral finance insights into an individual’s spending habits.

We have adopted the belief that it is the client’s complete financial personality (their “Financial DNA”) that is a significant driver of wealth creation, with a key piece being a client’s spending patterns.

4. Risk Behavior– The Financial DNA reports provide a step-by-step approach to determining the risk behavior of clients, couples, and advisors.

Each individual that participates in Financial DNA are assigned a Risk Behavior number of 0 to 100. This score is based on a blend of a person’s Risk Propensity and Risk Tolerance, where higher scores are associated with higher risk takers. The scores are normally distributed with a mean of 50, and a standard distribution of 10.

5. Behavioral Biases– We have a set of biases that drive our decision-making that can lead to less than optimal outcomes. Based on our research, we focus on 16 biases and recommend that advisors and investors understand their top biases and how they form their decision-making patterns.

Financial DNA measures each of these behavioral biases independently and displays them in the Behavioral Management Guide report. Financial advisors should discuss the strongest biases with the client and agree on a strategy for managing them.

6. Market Mood– Market Mood measures the current level of market fear or exuberance for each investor based on real-time market indices data or client’s specific portfolios. This tool provides easy-to-understand behavioral management tips and action items for investment advisors (and Fintech applications) to behaviorally manage or “nudge” their clients, in a way that is tailored to each client via automated customization.

7. Goals Discovery– The Financial DNA Goals Discovery is a step-by-step approach to help clients review and set goals based on their personality traits, risk profile, and behavioral biases. This process allows clients to participate in the financial planning process by independently identifying their own goals, and then set them by evaluating the time-horizon. The process covers all areas of a client’s life, from health to wealth, to provide a balanced analysis of all important life goals.

8. Quality Life– Use the Quality Life Discovery Process to uncover individual strengths and struggles in overall life and financial settings.

  • Address the challenges that people have by helping to establish exactly what the goals are and understanding how to achieve these goals by managing behaviors.
  • Uncover key drivers that, in addition to financial behaviors, are core to your life purpose and setting goals.
  • Build a strong foundation for building a sustainable Quality Life.


POWERFUL: A cutting edge and holistic set of financial behavior insights addressing risk, spending and goal drive behaviors, as well as 200+ insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

RELIABLE: A reliable method of delivering practical and actionable insights for every advisor, employee, and client. So reliable, participants never have to re-take a Financial DNA discovery.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Build your own app with our API or white-label existing DNA solutions for advisors and firms.

The FinTech Platform we use enables customized experiences for Advisor and Clients.

We use the world’s only all-in-one cloud based FinTech platform to allow financial service businesses to make financial behavior insights practical and scalable, allowing them to know, engage and grow every advisor, employee and client.


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