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Professional Bio

I am the Fit’n’Fab Coach Cassandra (Cass), Health & Wellness Consultant, CEO of Dema Agency Consultants, LLC and Founder of the SuperME Coaching Programs.

For years I felt enslaved to traditional or adopted teachings about fitness, nutrition, and health.

I lived my professional life as a façade and after almost two decades of being in this industry, I finally broke those chains and shifted my focus to mind, body and health acceptance and tolerance which eventually led to real freedom within me.

This change came from me creating and going through my own Body Development Success Plan; the same plan I encourage you leaders and employees to experience.

I can honestly admit this change dramatically improved my business, productivity, relationship with others and my self-confidence.

Because of this personal shift, I am helping employers & CEOs and Entrepreneurs & employees, all over the globe, have it ALL by following our formula of Better behaviors + Better bodies = Better businesses.

As the take-charge creative brain behind Dema Agency Consultants LLC helping you, I am convinced we can do better, together!

I have spoken, hosted events and done workshops to help leaders and employees at companies such as AT&T, Marriott, State Farm, Lucent Technology and The Will Group. I’ve also had much success designing plans for athletes, professional and collegiate, Olympians, C-Suite bosses, and Presidents to ensure their health embodied their success.

I created SuperME Coaching programs which yielded jaw-dropping results for clients and myself such as complete mindset makeovers, acceptable body images, and improved health diagnosis.

Aside from helping individuals, one of my biggest accomplishments was when I created a national stage that empowered women to express their confidence, silence their inner nay-sayer and showcase their Fit’n’Fab results publicly. The event made such an impact in the transformation world and for women that an international bodybuilding association decided to adopt it and use it at their competitions as well as other gyms and trainers.

I’d love to talk about some of your company aspirations and how I can create amazing programs for you and your employees.

Credentials & Education

A.A.S Management, College of DuPage

Certified Small Business Manager, College of DuPage

DNA Business Behavior Consultant

*Pending” Accredited Wealth Mentor Consultant

Studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, National Assn of Sports Medicine

Certified Weight Loss Specialist, National Assn of Sports Medicine

Previous Certified Personal Trainer, International Fitness Assn

Natural Figure Competitor & Coach, NPC & INBA (ABA)

Promoter and Owner of the Transformation Showcase

Non-Published Author of eBook titled “How to Transform Your Body in 12-16 Weeks and Rock the Stage”


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