Meet Cassandra

Hello! I’m Cassandra aka Diva Coach Cass or Coach Cass, Fit’n’Fab / Health & Wellness Coach and Sr Business & Body Development Consultant


I am an insured and contracted fitness nutrition and weight loss specialist who offered more than 12 years customized consultative and educational nutritional programs focused on fat loss, weight loss, muscle building and maintenance for male and female clients and athletes.

As of recent, I have changed my client focus to helping executive, managerial and entrepreneurial women, struggling with eating, physical activity and borderline health complications, create realistic and long-term health and lifestyle solutions that align with their professional trajectory.

I’m known for being an excellent communicator and having a keen aptitude in determining client needs and designing and implementing many of SuperME’s catchy programs and challenges.

I have also been responsible for administering programs and facilitating seminars for fitness professionals, gym owners, and businesses based on their specific customer needs.

In addition to nutrition and fitness, I have an extensive business background in providing administrative and project management support to Fortune 500 and self-employed executives.


A.A.S Management, College of DuPage

Certified Small Business Manager, College of DuPage

*Pending* Neuro-Linguistic Programming Consultant, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, National Assn of Sports Medicine

Certified Weight Loss Specialist, National Assn of Sports Medicine

Previous Certified Personal Trainer, International Fitness Assn

Natural Figure Competitor & Coach, NPC & INBA (ABA)

Promoter and Owner of the Transformation Showcase

Non-Published Author of eBook titled “How to Transform Your Body in 12-16 Weeks and Rock the Stage”


In 2009, I tested a 16-week “bye-bye flab, hello fit’n’fab” transformation program on myself. The program literally changed my life and I was convinced I could create my own nutrition focused program and it would change others lives, too.

Check me out 30 days into my transformation after focusing primarily on eating:


As I reflect on my own transformation and review old notes and pictures, I recognized my intrinsic (how I felt) values exceeded the extrinsic (how I looked) values. Intrinsic pre-transformation, I felt low self-esteem, tired, lonely, negative, not motivated, opposite of the successful business I operated.  I felt and looked like a failure! You may know what that feels like.

120 days later, those intrinsic feelings were opposite where I began. I was super confident, energized, motivated, focused, and I felt important. My health was finally a compliment to my business, it embodied success – I was a success!  No doubt you’ve imagined yourself looking or feeling this way; don’t be embarrassed, we all have.

It’s because of my own personal insecurities and shortcomings that I started SuperME Coaching and it’s my hope that you will allow our coaches and me to help you find your Super.

Looking forward to working with you.