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By clicking the link below, you agree that you are purchasing the Health, Finance & Service Pros: Report Uncovering & Training package. This training may be offered 1:1 or in a group contingent on when you book it.

At completion of your training, you will receive an access code to test drive behavior exclusively on the patients, clients or employees you serve and employ within your own business or practice.

You understand by purchasing this package, you will be required to complete a behavior exercise and receive a copy of your own Work Talents Report which will be referenced during your training.

Here is a copy of my report, fyi:

Your lack of compliance or completion of any pre-session assignments, exercises or other, will not cancel this contract or purchase; however, it will hinder you from receiving the maximum benefit from the training session.

Once you click the below link, you will be directed to the scheduling and checkout page. Remember, once you schedule your session, you will need to have the exercise completed before you start training. Additional instructions will be provided after checkout.


The code entitles you to 60% off this package which makes it ONLY $199 instead of the retail price of $498.

With an average increase in revenue of approximately 23% by current users, you’ll make a return on your investment pretty quickly.

Like spoiled milk, discounts do expire so don’t wait. Price is subject to change without notice.

Thank you again and can’t wait to see you in training.

Coach Cass