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Do you know what the formula is for your company to have it ALL ?

Before we tell you, we want you to seriously think about that question and what it could mean for your business?

Sadly, you may feel that implementing one of the 3,000+ personality tests and/or hiring the best health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist or therapist in the workplace is the best formula, the permanent SOLUTION.

BUT, it’s not; you’re simply putting a band-aid on a wound requiring surgery.

You see, you pour into your staff because you want to improve productivity and your end result.

You’ve been trying to measure how much your giving has worked, trying to determine if that scale has tipped in your favor.

You didn’t know however that 40-70% individual and team productivity gain can be achieved by doing one simple task: overcoming employee challenges.

These challenges include how they are made to spend their time at work, their passions, their struggles, their confidence and their ability to take care of themselves in whole.

You may have missed it but we got you covered. We found and tested it. We have the answer to improving your bottom line, INCREASING YOUR REVENUE.

Are you finally ready to LEVEL UP your company and staff? If yes, the formula to do that is;

Better behaviors

+ Better bodies

= Better businesses

We call this the Dema 3B Formula and it’s time you learn how each B can help you today.

The Dema 3B Formula

Photo by Retha Ferguson

B1 – Behaviors

We all have an inherently unique DNA behavioral code representing our natural talents and performance? 

This natural and instinctive behavior, developed at age 3, is what shows up when making many decisions. Assessments created with “what if” scenarios are focused on components of personality dynamics in different circumstances which change over time based on experience, etc; these don’t work in all circumstances however.

Our DNA Discovery process uses a forced choice scoring model and reliable predictor to determine how individuals will consistently perform over the long-term and it provides a structured methodology for building and managing healthy cohesive teams and improving your bottom line.

Behavioral personality influences every life and business decision one makes which is why we have adopted the study of DNA behavior.

With this powerful resource, health practitioners, personal trainers, nutritionists, employers, employees, staff, business leaders, spouses, family members, friends, classmates, etc. can be shown how to 1) communicate more effectively with others, 2) teach or educate others based on how they prefer to learn and 3) see how behavior really does drive performance and everything else in ones life.

Sounds interesting, right? Learn more now.

B2 – Bodies

How do you think your employees would feel if you made it possible for them to be one step closer to the mind, body and health they’ve always desired but never had the time or consistency to achieve?

Would this impact your bottom line?

Over the years, we have learned that most employees and leaders value and aspire to eat BETTER, obtain a SATISFACTORY level of fitness and to have GOOD health but are clueless on how to OBTAIN and maintain all these while juggling this thing called life.

Employees get results with us because part of our doing better, together, is providing them with services they NEED to thrive based on these body goals. Realize body doesn’t mean or describe “a look”; it refers to the person as a whole.

Long-term solutions in the workplace focused on mind, body and health goals should be created only after implementing two essential services:

Service 1 is Goals Discovery. This is the assessment that helps the employee evaluate all areas of their life from health to wealth in order for you the employer or us to provide balanced coverage of all important life goals. Goals Discovery is a compliment to Natural Behavior Discovery.

If you recognize, after completion of this assessment, that an interest in health and wellness is of low importance to your employees, you may want to focus on the other areas they feel add more value and meaning to their life. This discovery process will help you identify what areas those are and allow us to to get creative in designing programs around these goals, if necessary!

Topics such as Financial Health can fall under your wellness programs as well.

Service 2 is the Wellness Success Plan Master Workshop (previously known as the Body Development Success Plan). This master workshop is designed to help employees: 1) further explore their nutrition, fitness, health and wellness “why” then 2) expound on the goals they have based on how they see themselves in the future, their vivid after picture. This entire master workshop is about being specific and detailed with their wellness goals so they’re prepared to plan and take action next.

As the employer, you can decide to implement both or one of these services. Before committing to anything, we encourage you to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more.

B3 – Business

We believe in assisting everyone in your organization from the CEO down to the person handling the rubbish.

The brain behind our services is Cassandra Govan, an experienced 13 year full-time entrepreneur and business owner who has worked with B2B and B2C clients. Cassandra consults with business owners, leadership, consultants and coaches on how behavioral assessments and health and wellness programs can keep your organization lean.

With her unique behavioral DNA of a Take Charge Creative (95-98% stronger than the population) she is able to redesign existing or create new programs and workshops to suit the needs of your business quickly which is what elevates her and Dema Agency above the competition.

We offer coaching and consulting to professionals in the health and wellness (personal training and nutrition) industry as well as small and midsize businesses. Our coaching and consulting allows you to:

1) Utilize our brilliance and creativity to design customized products or services based on your individual or employee wants and needs,

2) Grant you access to our licensed DNA Behavior products, Challenges or Workshops which we will train you on, and/or

3) Allow us to handle all the details including analyzing and consulting on employee behavior, setting up fun and engaging workplace Challenges, and/or facilitating Workshops.

All of our services may be offered to your employees for a discount even if you are not interested in adding us as a paid health and wellness benefits consultant at this time.

To be transparent, we feel it’s important to acknowledge that Dema Agency Consultants LLC may have an existing venture, alliance or affiliate marketing agreement with a network of consultants, businesses or vendors who allow us to market their product or services to our clients. We are the liaison between them and you in most cases; however, we feel it’s important to inform you about this and assure you this relationship in no way devalues the services or commitment we offer to you.

If you’re ready to do great together, click the below button to have a conversation with a consultant immediately.


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