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The 3 complimentary resources mentioned in the video to assist you are as follows:

  • Resource #1: Identify what’s been holding you back. Why have you been a prisoner to your own goals? bit.ly/FNFminigoals is an anonymous survey that will allow you to think about why you’ve been stuck. Based on your answers, I’ll post new solutions on social media and/or through email marketing.
  • Resource #2: Learn the proven solution you need to be Fit’n’Fab Forever. Enter my website and find out why dozens and dozens of women have worked with me personally.
  • Resource #3: Gain access to me personally to brainstorm and have your own personalized body development success plan created while on a confidential and private strategy call. Look for the large Book Appointment Button to schedule under FREE Strategy Session.

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P.S.- I don’t advertise any prices; my programs are either supervised or unsupervised ala carte or set plans.

Pricing is per individual need contingent on the specific personalized services you desire. I do not have an issue going into pricing detail if you are interested in proceeding; therefore, when time permits, let me know if you’d like to discuss.

About Me

I am Cassandra, Fit’n’Fab aka Health and Wellness Coach and Founder of the 30-Day Fit’n’Fab Kickstart Coaching Program.

My venture, SuperME Coaching, is a consulting partnership with Heather, Board-Certified Naturopath, and together, we help corporate executive, mid-level management and successful entrepreneurial women eat better, get fit and prioritize their health on their own terms without sacrificing too much time away from their careers and family.

SuperME Coaching Programs have yielded jaw-dropping results which include a complete mindset makeover, an acceptable body image, and improved health diagnosis all of which have been experienced by my clients and myself.

I have spoken, hosted events and done workshops to help women leaders at major companies such as AT&T, Marriott, State Farm and Lucent Technology. I’ve also had much success designing plans for athletes, professional and collegiate, Olympians, C-Suite bosses, and Presidents to ensure their health embodied their success.

One of my biggest accomplishments was when I created a stage that empowered women to express their confidence, silence their inner nay-sayer and showcase their fit’n’fab results publicly. The event made such an impact in the transformation world and for women that an international bodybuilding association decided to adopt it and use it at their competitions as well as other gyms and trainers.

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