Welcome to the place where real, long-term and sustainable transformation happens for your business and/or you.

If you are an organization and/or individual who desperately needs or wants to fix, improve or increase outcomes be it for professional and/or personal reasons you’ve found the perfect resource.

I’m Cassandra Govan, Genetic Behavior Consultant and Coach, CEO & Founder of Dema Agency Consultants LLC.

I use validated behavioral insights to help you uncover and understand how genetic natural behavior talents (traits) are causing issues in your career, business, relationship, health and/or finances.

I am one of few coaches and consultants skilled and equipped to specifically train healthcare and fitness professionals utilizing ONE validated omnichannel product that provides over 500 behavior and money insights throughout the World.

My services help you uncover the many different dimensions of behavior so that you can create a Work-Life FIT and behaviorally sound culture.

If you deal with people and they have a problem (or you have a problem), I can most likely get to the bottom of what’s causing it REGARDLESS of what it is!

You might have 99 problems but I’m here to make sure your behavior, body (health) and/or business is NOT 1.

Choose which suits you best.

I want the solution for my business and/or organization’s leadership team and/or staff. I want to work on improving the company as a whole.

We want to improve our Professional Outcomes such as:

  • Hospital readmission rates
  • Internal & external communication
  • Individual & team productivity
  • Leadership development
  • Retention and compliance
  • Financial mismanagement
  • Talent Acquisition (uncovering essential soft skills, strengths, struggles, biases & risk behaviors)
  • Onboarding, hiring, job matching, and rewards
  • Complex organizational issues
  • Revenue or income loss

I want the solution for myself as a business owner, coach, consultant, leader, clinician, client, patient or partner. I want to work on me.

I want to improve my Personal Outcomes such as:

  • Quality Life Goals & Planning
  • Career or business growth
  • Leadership development
  • Finding my ideal role
  • Health, body, fitness or nutrition challenges
  • Relationships (spouse, partnerships, friends)
  • Communication skills
  • Financial or money concerns
  • Valuing myself, removing imposter syndrome or doubt and fear
  • Stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Being Work-Life FIT