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Understand the behavior. Change the outcome!

Dema’s 3B Formula of Success

Better behaviors + Better bodies = Better businesses!

Let’s do better, together.

How our patients, clients, employees and families we serve make decisions around their health, communicate, invest or manage their money, set goals, react to problems, their desired quality of life, and success, to list a few, start with ONE thing, their natural and instinctive behavior, who they are hard-wired, at the core.

Dema Agency Consultants LLC CEO & Founder, Cassandra Govan, would have never believed understanding natural behavior was so important had she not witnessed her own clients and self struggle while in the health & wellness industry for almost 20 years and had she not lost her mom to what appeared to be heart disease in Jan 2021.

It was learning about natural behavior and the power it holds over individuals and her that made her fearlessly and unregrettably change her career and business from Service Provider to behavior consultant to the Providers and Individuals without a Provider.

As behavior consultants and accredited wealth mentors, our agency teaches Health, Wellness and Fitness Providers and Indiv’s how to use technology to decode behavior and uncover how one makes decisions about health..

Did you know?

Independent research shows human behavioral issues hidden deep below the surface are closely connected to 87% of performance challenges which are quantifiable in terms of lost revenues and productivity in business and the decline of health, families and communities.

We work with Providers, helping them evaluate or “look below the surface” and HIGHLIGHT the patients, clients, employees or families they serve strengths, struggles, biases and communication styles in order to IMPROVE their health. If one doesn’t have a Provider, we work with them as individuals or refer them to a Provider who uses our system.

We have recognized that an improvement in health also improves the remaining 5 key areas of life: careeer, relationships, community, recreation and finances.

After our evaluation process, we implement the SOLUTION to make it all stick using our 3B formula of success: Better behaviors + Better bodies = Better businesses!

3B consists of a CUSTOMIZABLE comprehensive suite of Behavior & Body services.

Our Behavior platform is externally validated by psychologists & scientists with 100+ yrs combined experience and it adheres to the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

Our Body Services are designed by Cassandra herself and comprise of her personal 20 years of fitness and nutrition experience and working with doctors, naturopaths, Olympian’s and more in the industry.

You can expect these results after our evaluation process and implementation of a comprehensive package plan:

🔸 40-70% improvement in productivity or compliance, individual or team, plus team cohesiveness.

🔸 Grow your bottom line by 23%.

🔸 Buying and spending behavior knowledge

🔸 Report interpretation in 3-mins or LESS

🔸 91% accuracy

🔸 Multiple person, team comparisons & matching on one report.

🔸Clients and patients will finally be empowered, happy and healthy

Are you READY to do better, together!

We invite you to schedule a No-obligation Business Discovery call with one of our Consultants to learn more about how people insights can help you decode behavior.

We can customize experiences with 500+ Behavioral Insights

Using our all-in-one platform, we measure your clients’, patient or individual behavior and money attitudes to customize experiences at scale.


Did you know?

Health decisions are driven by a client’s or patient’s genetic natural behavior and most providers are not equipped to deal with this.

Our Behavior solution is the answer for you because it is….

1. SCALABLE: Driving mass personalization using 500+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person makes health, wellness and fitness decisions, communicates, invests, works, and lives.

2. RELIABLE: A simple and practical process for matching employees, clients, goals, and solutions using over a thousand benchmarks where each individual has a unique set of scientifically validated outcomes.

3. CUSTOMIZABLE: Build your own app with our API or white-label existing DNA solutions for individuals, businesses, and consultants.

How does implementing a SMART comprehensive Behavior & Body package empower your patients, clients, employees, and families you serve to be happier and healthier?

A huge factor in helping improve natural behavior is incorporating a Body program or revamping programs you already offer in order to contribute to individuals living their best and healthiest life; one to their fullest potential.

As Service Providers, you have an obligation to offer the best treatment, plans and programs to help them stop neglecting their health and instead learn how to manage and make the right decisions around it.

Your primary area of concern should be understanding behavior first followed by improving their wellness culture or intellect about themselves, their goals and their ability to attain and sustain results long-term. You absolutely should create this as a program or plan and to be effective, it must be implemented before or while you teach mindset shifting or dive into how to eat BETTER, obtain a SATISFACTORY level of fitness and have GOOD health.

If you can successfully evaluate and understand the communication, natural behavior, financial behavior, goals discovery and quality life performance and planning needs of the patients, clients, employees and families you serve, you’re guaranteed to stop bleeding your profits and truly make a difference in their lives.

When you understand the behaviors driving and motivating them, you’re in a better position of empowering them to take control of their outcome.

Did you know?

As health providers, not being able to understand your patients or clients so that you can administer the right treatment, program, or plan for them results in uncertainties and lack of trust in the healthcare or wellness system.

And, when you uncover how they best learn and like to receive information, it makes it easier to invest in and create desired programs, plans, services or treatments they’re guaranteed to follow opposed to winging it and wasting time, resources and money.

Dema Agency Consultants LLC can work closely with you to evaluate the behavior of the patients, clients, employees and families you serve in order to improve their physical and mental well-being long-term.

Let’s discuss over a 30-minute call when convenient for you.


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