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Understand the behavior. Change the outcome!

Decode. Transform. Grow

Better behaviors + Better bodies = Better businesses!

Let’s do better, together.

I’ve been featured in Success Magazine, newspapers and on television.

I’ve trained professional athletes and clinicians and gotten them results.

I’ve designed programs for major corporations to help their employees.

And, I created a national transformation competition stage to solve an industry problem.

But you know what I STRUGGLED with and could never accomplish for myself in my 20 years of being a fitness & nutrition business owner and working with other healthcare professionals?

SUSTAINING my own long-term business, health, relationship and finance results!

This left me FRUSTRATED and kept me awake at night. I honestly thought something was WRONG with me, personally and professionally.

Not knowing your genetic natural behavior causes stress

I had become that “Frequent Flyer”; a person and business searching for and investing thousands of dollars on the next best thing be it a program, plan, coach, etc.

Feeling like this eventually motivated me to dedicate many hours, months and years to finding a SOLUTION that would not only benefit my business and me; it would help you and your clinicians, employees, clients & patients be Work-Life FIT in all the key areas (business/career, health, relationships, finances, community and recreation).

I realized implementing a successful solution would require first identifying WHAT was missing especially in Healthcare, Wellness and Fitness because “Health is Wealth” should start here, internally.

Surprisingly, the missing WHAT was genetic (DNA) natural behavior aka our DNA personality; the one we inherited from varied experiences up to the age of 3.

Genetic Natural Behavior is the core of who we are.

Majority providers and individuals don’t use genetic (DNA) natural behavior or even know it is a “thing”.

If using anything, they are dependent on situational or improperly formatted focus-scoring models, internal validation, or assessment tools with short-term results and limited insight such as Enneagram, Myers Briggs, DiSC, and Gallup Strength.

But genetic (DNA) natural behavior is actually the MOST important “thing” or area you need to understand to have the quality life you desire and deserve.

Behavior is what drives how you and others will make decisions when under pressure.

It’s your go-to, hard wired, and instinctive response mechanism.

It can affect your mindset.

It can derail your performance and ability to take action.

It pushes you to or holds you back from long-term, permanent transformation.

It decides if you will be an empowered healthy & happy clinician, employee, patient, client, leader or business.

When you can understand and manage your behavior, you’ll be wealthy in everything else and will see massive improvements in:

Benefits of understanding genetic (DNA) natural behavior

And that’s not all you can expect. Additional improvements will be:

increased self-awareness and identity
an enhanced quality life
improved patient, clinician, client or employee outcomes
having a Behaviorally SMART leadership team(s)
increased retention and compliance rates

Would these benefits help your business or you personally? I’m sure that would be a profound YES!


Learn your genetic natural behavior

Partnered with the World’s only genetic behavior (Personality) & money insights leader, our Consultants focus on healthcare, fitness, work and life and help Individuals, Clinicians, Providers, and Employers by implementing our SOLUTION:

The Decode.Transform.Grow Method.

The Decode.Transform.Grow Method is my tested and proven mindset, quality life planning goals & time management program combined with psychometric testing that has been externally validated by scientists and created by psychologists & researchers.

These psychometric tests are currently administered in 123 lands and 11 languages. There are over a million and a half testers yearly from varied industries in the key areas of life such as career or business, relationships, finance, and now health and fitness.

Together, our methodologies solve these problems QUICKLY:

Patient compliance, decreasing hospital stays and returns
Complex organizational issues no other personality driven company or consultancy can solve w/one tool
Talent Acquisition (uncovering essential soft skills, strengths, struggles, biases & risk behaviors)
Onboarding, hiring, retention, and incentives
Quality Life, Wellness, Fitness or Nutrition challenges
Communication and/or Sales
Leadership Development
Financial mismanagement

Did you know?

Independent research shows human behavioral issues hidden deep below the surface are closely connected to 87% of performance challenges which are quantifiable in terms of lost revenues and productivity in business and the decline of health, families and communities.

Our Method is designed to DECODE decision-making behaviors, TRANSFORM ones mind(set), body and/or health and GROW one further in the key areas of life in 60 days or less (8 weeks). We also have an intensive aka crash course if organizations need to implement the solution at an accelerated pace.

I packaged this Method into a Mastermind, the blueprint, framework or formula necessary for:

Frustrated Individuals, Clinicians, Employees, Clients or Patients, and you Frequent Flyers like me, who want to achieve long-term sustainable success in every area of your life without draining your savings account, sacrificing too much time or investing in ineffective programs that haven’t worked in the past and won’t work now.


Overwhelmed Providers, Employers, Coaches & Consultants who desperately want to decode and understand how your Clinicians, Employees, Clients, or Patients behave so that you can transform their minds and grow your business without bleeding revenue or profits, continuously wasting your time and resources, or utilizing ineffective traditional programs that will not solve your problem.

My Method will allow anyone (individual or business) to utilize our service offering. If you are a business, you may also white label and license our Method for use in your organization, wellness package or training courses after being trained by my Agency.

Our solution is flexible unlike the others.


If you understand behavior and how it drives one to make decisions regarding their health, fitness, career, business, relationships or finances, you or they can modify or change it for the better AND it doesn’t require that a Provider do the leg work.

And, instead of being a Frequent Flyer, you or they will become a long-term SATISFIED client, patient, individual, clinician or employee.

If you understand, with 91% accuracy, what your or their genetic struggles, strengths, biases, risks, communication style, buying and spending behaviors plus more were, you could set REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE goals aligned with who you or they are innately and SUSTAIN the results.

Did you know?

All decisions, even health, are driven by a client’s or patient’s genetic natural behavior and most Providers & Employers are not equipped to deal with this.

If you’re convinced this is what you need, I invite you to:

* Text/WhatsApp “DTG” to 773-DEMA-Age (773-336-2243)

* Email me and put “DTG” as your subject.

* Schedule a call with me to walk through my process


My Decode Method alone is the solution that is:

1. Scalable: Driving mass personalization using 500+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person makes health, wellness and fitness decisions, communicates, invests, works, and lives.

2. Reliable: A simple and practical process for matching employees, clients, goals, and solutions using over a thousand benchmarks where each individual has a unique set of scientifically validated outcomes.

3. Customizable: Build your own app with our partner’s API.

If you can successfully evaluate and understand the communication, natural behavior, financial behavior, goals discovery and quality life performance and planning needs of the patients, clients, employees and families you serve, you’re guaranteed to stop bleeding your profits and truly make a difference in their lives.

Did you know?

As health providers, not being able to understand your patients or clients so that you can administer the right treatment, program, or plan for them results in uncertainties and lack of trust in the healthcare or wellness system.

When you uncover how they best learn and like to receive information, it makes it easier to invest in and create desired programs, plans, services or treatments they’re guaranteed to follow opposed to winging it and wasting time, resources and money.

Dema Agency Consultants LLC can work closely with you to evaluate the behavior of the patients, clients, clinicians, employees and families you serve in order to improve their physical and mental well-being long-term.

Take the next step…

Text us at 773-DEMA-Age (773-336-2243) or email us to discuss the process.

Disclaimer: We do NOT perform any healthcare or personal training services. We do NOT offer any nutrition or dietitian counseling. We also do NOT do any health, wellness or fitness plans or programs; we have relationships with professionals who handle this through their own businesses.


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