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Better behaviors + Better bodies = Better businesses!

Let’s do better, together.

For 12 of 20 years as a Fitness & Nutrition business owner, Cassandra Govan, CEO & Founder of Dema Agency Consultants LLC, personally STRUGGLED with SUSTAINING the mind, body and health she envisioned for herself despite helping others achieve it. This struggle also affected her career, business, relationships and finances.

She was a “Frequent Flyer”, a FRUSTRATED person searching for and investing thousands of dollars on the next best health, wellness or program, plan, supplement, surgery, diet, trainer, etc. to attain and maintain long-term results knowing that being well would elevate her personally and professionally.

Like other industry leaders, she created and did it ALL.


designed a mindset, fitness & nutrition program that addressed several pain points

created a national transformation competition stage that was adopted by an international bodybuilding association

✅ was featured in Success Magazine, newspapers and on television

worked with employees of major brands such as Marriott, State Farm and The Will Group to improve their health and lives

…. but NONE of this was good enough for her; it didn’t produce sustainable results and eventually she left the fitness industry.


Losing her mom however in Jan 2021 forced her to recommit to UNCOVERING her original problem while in fitness: the real reason why individuals couldn’t sustain their mind, body and health results and grow in the key areas of life as a result.

This went from being a thought in the past to something personal and necessary for her to solve especially since her mom passed due to health issues.

After much research and searching for a solution, she found NOTHING but she quickly realized the problem and her agency began focusing on creating the SOLUTION.


Individuals (employee, clients and patients) want long-term sustainable mind, body and health results w/out having to drain their savings account, invest too much of their time learning what they want and how to get it, or follow traditional programs or plans that are ineffective.

They are frustrated and their unhappiness has lead to:

👉🏽 decreased individual or team productivity
👉🏽 compliance issues
👉🏽 distrust of people especially those in leadership or who offer expert advice
👉🏽 lack of accountability in other key areas of their life such as career and relationships.
👉🏽 decreased motivation and a
👉🏽 strong desire to give up

These Individual issues are affecting you Employers as well as Health, Wellness and Fitness Providers on a larger scale.

You can’t afford to not retain them or empower them to be happier and healthier or improve their quality of life overall.

And, like them, You need to achieve this without bleeding revenue or profits, investing too much of your or their time, or utilizing those traditional programs or plans that have proven to be ineffective.

Cassandra discovered that Employers who offered wellness programs or other services, Providers and individuals did two things:

➡️ Failed to use the correct psychometric technology, or any tech, to uncover and modify how clients make decisions permanently.

➡️ Used the wrong goal setting model and/or did not deep dive enough into the client or patients “what” and “how” in order to determine what they really wanted or needed as it relates to their getting healthier.

This newfound discovery would position and allow Dema Agency to solve an international problem using an innovative methodology that would be new to most Providers, Individuals and Employers.


As Health, Wellness and Fitness Behavior Consultants and Accredited Health Mentors, Providers, Individuals and Employers depend on us to help them DECODE decision-making behaviors, TRANSFORM ones mind, body and health and help them GROW in their business, career and life in 60 days or less (8 weeks).

We do NOT perform any healthcare or personal training (group, online or individual) services.

We do NOT offer any nutrition or dietitian counseling.

We also do NOT do any health, wellness or fitness advising; we have relationships with professionals who handle this through their own businesses.

Are you one of our Health, Wellness or Fitness vendors? If no, we’d love to speak with you about partnering with us if you are licensed or certified, insured and operate within your city or states laws, rules and regulations.

Curious and read enough? We invite you to text us at 773-DEMA-Age (773-336-2243) or email us for a private invitation to view our Behavior & Body Informational Video Lesson.

Did you know?

Independent research shows human behavioral issues hidden deep below the surface are closely connected to 87% of performance challenges which are quantifiable in terms of lost revenues and productivity in business and the decline of health, families and communities.


If you understand behavior and how it drives one to make decisions regarding their health, wellness or fitness, you can modify or change it for the better AND it doesn’t require that a Provider to do the leg work.

And, instead of being a Frequent Flyer, like Cassandra was, you will become a long-term SATISFIED client, patient, individual or employee.

If you understand, with 91% accuracy, what your genetic struggles, strengths, biases, risks, communication style, buying and spending behaviors plus more were, you could set REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE goals aligned with who you are innately and SUSTAIN the results.


We designed the SOLUTION called the Behavior & Body Development Mastermind.

This Mastermind combined Cassandra’s tested and proven mindset, goals & time management program with a behavior tech system externally validated by psychologists & scientists and currently used in 125 lands and 11 languages across varied industries- business, finance, and now health.

Our Mastermind literally maps out, in its entirety, and teaches;

Individuals HOW to decode, transform and grow by following a coach assisted DIY approach. Families welcome!


Providers or Employers HOW to design, white label and/or partner with us using it in their business, wellness package or training courses to make more💰.

It also can be customized to offer career, relationship or finance insights.

You don’t have to wait for your solution. If you’re already convinced this is it, we invite you to text us at 773-DEMA-Age (773-336-2243) or email us for a private invitation to view our Behavior & Body Informational Video Lesson, your next step to getting RESULTS.


We made sure that we created an integrated process so that you’re not all over the place. It was also very important to SAVE time for the client, patient or employee as well as us (you) as Consultants and Coaches overseeing the Mastermind.

Here’s a look at the 3-step process:

# 1: DECODE (uncover) how behavior, strengths, struggles, biases and talents, affect how you are making decisions, learn your communication style, explore your financial behaviors and use tech to set goals. This entire process takes less than one hour to complete.

Decoding will reveal if a person will:

  • comply with plans or programs
  • question ones expertise
  • invest time or money to change their situation
  • give up easily when it gets difficult

If a person knows where they’re starting they can get where they want and need to be faster.

Each individual receives access to their behavioral insight reports and we discuss them as a group and/or you may request a 1:1 consultation.

# 2: TRANSFORM your mind, body and health using our guide, resources and coaching. The answers are already within you; we use the correct tools and understanding of your genetic natural behavior to guide you to finding them.

The Transformation process requires the longest amount of time while in the Mastermind.

The first 4 weeks are dedicated to learning about yourself, clients and patients and connecting ones goals to their behavior.

The last 4 weeks are used to plan and create your own program implementing what you learned and to execute (test and revamp) the plan with assistance as needed.

This process can be tailored specifically to your audience if you are a Provider or Employer.

# 3: GROW your business, career or within yourself. Use the information you’ll learn to make better personal and professional decisions and reach your goals long-term regardless of what they are.

After implementing our Mastermind and decoding your behavior, transforming your mind, body and health and growing your business, career or other, the journey does not have to stop there.

You may opt to receive additional services, consulting or coaching to go even deeper into yourself; we welcome you to stay.


🔸 Increased productivity and compliance by 40-70%

🔸 23% Revenue or income growth

🔸 Increased consulting fees

🔸 91% accuracy rate

🔸 Clients, patients and employees will finally be empowered, happy and healthy

🔸 Multiple person, team comparisons & matching on one report.

🔸 Many more benefits

Are you READY to do better, together!

We invite you to text us at 773-DEMA-Age (773-336-2243) or email us for a private invitation to view our Behavior & Body Informational Video Lesson.


Did you know?

Health decisions are driven by a client’s or patient’s genetic natural behavior and most providers are not equipped to deal with this.

Our Behavior solution is the answer for you because it is….

1. SCALABLE: Driving mass personalization using 500+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person makes health, wellness and fitness decisions, communicates, invests, works, and lives.

2. RELIABLE: A simple and practical process for matching employees, clients, goals, and solutions using over a thousand benchmarks where each individual has a unique set of scientifically validated outcomes.

3. CUSTOMIZABLE: Build your own app with our API or white-label existing DNA solutions for individuals, businesses, and consultants.

If you can successfully evaluate and understand the communication, natural behavior, financial behavior, goals discovery and quality life performance and planning needs of the patients, clients, employees and families you serve, you’re guaranteed to stop bleeding your profits and truly make a difference in their lives.

Did you know?

As health providers, not being able to understand your patients or clients so that you can administer the right treatment, program, or plan for them results in uncertainties and lack of trust in the healthcare or wellness system.

When you uncover how they best learn and like to receive information, it makes it easier to invest in and create desired programs, plans, services or treatments they’re guaranteed to follow opposed to winging it and wasting time, resources and money.

Dema Agency Consultants LLC can work closely with you to evaluate the behavior of the patients, clients, employees and families you serve in order to improve their physical and mental well-being long-term.

You’ve come to the end. If you read this much, you should be READY to learn more.

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Text us at 773-DEMA-Age (773-336-2243) or email us for a private invitation to view our Behavior & Body Informational Video Lesson.


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